Sitting in a shabby room, I have nothing to do with my life. I have to study in my spare time. The window to the green mountain and the door to the willow, and the chest to the wall to collect books. Willing to ride the wind to break the waves, willing to face the wall to read books for ten years. A great sage is not a fool, but a true hero. False is true and false, and there is no place for inaction. This year's bamboo shoots will bring you New Year's bamboo, young, strong and old. There are no weak soldiers under the strong generals and no long way under the horses. The prime minister must start from the State Department, and the general must be sent to the soldiers. It is important to know that if a country is broken, no boat will sink or scuttle. If you don't share your revenge, you will be a great husband in vain. It's better to stop worrying about everything than nothing. Don't be the only one who wakes up. There should be a few questions about rotten and drunk flowers. It's not that long-term love doesn't give gifts, it's not that acquaintances don't greet. There is a real gentleman who is vindictive and righteous, and a man who is rich. Things will rot and worms will grow, and people will doubt and slander. Once unfamiliar, twice ripe, three times and four times hot. One courage, one blessing, one governor. There is no place to look for. It takes no time to come.